AI Innovation Ecosystem

The Artificial intelligence Innovation ecosystem is defined as a complex community of organisms and its environment functioning as an ecological unit. In an Innovation ecosystem, we talk about all the stakeholders critical for innovation like state, academia, industry, entrepreneurs and investors. All These play an important part in supporting and nurturing a culture of Innovation.

AIIDE-CoE’s AI Innovation ecosystem will create an active flow of information and resources for ideas to transform into reality. Through this ecosystem, we are building a process by which more innovators and entrepreneurs can develop and launch solutions to solve real-world problems faster. This process creates expertise in new areas and allows businesses to meet their customers. Additionally, we will provide the means for resource sharing and creating jobs & opportunities in the economy. We will build new technologies that will be applied across industries and businesses. AIIDE-CoE will partner with key stakeholders and turn these in-kind and financial investments into tangible products that impact the way we all live, work and play.

The ecosystem will act as an environment needed to nurture dynamic entrepreneurs, researchers, faculty members, working professionals and students working in different verticals looking to work on AI and leverage it. This will lead them to boost this ecosystem. However, to achieve the desired broad-based economic & societal impact and to maximize productivity benefits, technology must be innovated, adopted at scale and diffused throughout this ecosystem. This requires strengthened collaboration between governments, businesses, academia and civil society for unlocking its full potential.

The values created by the AIIDE-CoE’s AI innovation ecosystem lies in the access to resources for the startups through AIIDE-CoE’s resource bank which contains the latest research papers, forums for debate & discussions on the latest technologies and breakthroughs in AI, mentor pool and information from all our stakeholders needed for the development of innovative and efficient solutions. This information flow creates more investment opportunities for the right institutions to connect with the right ideas for their businesses & portfolios, at the right time.

The goal is to provide startups with the right kind of tools and mentorships so that their journey towards finding solutions can be facilitated.

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Our partners will be able to benefit from tie-ups with world-class Institutions, work and exchange ideas with local start-ups from the state, help students engage in more AI-based technology & start-ups.